Welcome to Forest Dhamma Monastery’s newly redesigned website. Because our original web pages were based on a now outdated template, one which lacked the cross platform friendliness which is such a feature of today’s web design, we have made a complete overhaul of our website. The present design features are centered around a new Forest Dhamma logo and reflect the evolving direction of the monastic community, one which has advanced from building physical structures to building hearts and minds, from a focus on infrastructure to an emphasis on introspection.

The website’s About pages tell the story of Forest Dhamma Monastery in the context of the forest lineage which is its basis, inviting those who are interested in what the monastery has to offer to come and visit for a while, or perhaps even to turn monastic living into a way of life.

At present the Book section offers 15 original books in English, 21 books in Thai, 5 books translated into Chinese, 4 books into Portuguese, 3 books into German, 3 books into Vietnamese, 2 books into Singhalese, 2 books into Indonesian, 2 books into Spanish, 1 book into French and 1 into Italian. In total we offer 59 Buddhist titles for free download on this site. In addition to that, all our English-language books are now offered on the website as Audiobooks for free download.

Many thanks to our neighbor Dennis Silfer for the photo of the Sala timber frame being erected used as the cover photo for the About History page.


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ที่เว็บไซต์นี้ เราได้รวมหนังสือธรรมะสำคัญ ๆ ทั้ง ๒๑ เล่ม ของท่านอาจารย์พระมหาบัว ญาณสัมปนโน วัดป่าบ้านตาด ซึ่งสามารถดาวน์โหลดได้ พร้อมเสียงเทศนาทุกกัณฑ์ในแต่ละเล่ม คล้ายเป็น audiobook อยู่ในตัวเกือบทุกเล่ม

Ajaan Paññāvaddho’s Dhamma translated into Italian

September 13, 2018

Maria Barzoi, a member of the Santacittarama lay community in Italy, has recently finished translating the Dhamma teaching section of Uncommon Wisdom ― The Life and Teachings of Ajaan Paññāvaḍḍho into Italian. The translation was ably supervised by Ajahn Mahāpañño of Santacittarama. All 12 chapters of the teaching section, plus the introduction and a short biographical sketch of Ajaan Paññāvaḍḍho, have been published in PDF and ePub formats and are offered for free download at this link.

Also freely available on saddha, the website created and run by a group of friends of the Santacittarama Monastery, are all 4 sections of the DVD The Dhamma of Ajaan Paññāvaḍḍho with Italian subtitles. The DVD can be downloaded at

Anumodana sadhu to Ajahn Mahāpañño, Maria and the Santacittarama lay community.